Briggs & Stratton Offers New Engine Option

Posted on October 28, 2008

Briggs & Stratton Commercial Power has introduced a new engine option for its Vanguard Big Block v-twin commercial gasoline engines designed to improve fuel economy while maintaining horsepower and torque performance. The new Low RPM engine option reduces the engine speed from the standard 3600 rpm to 3200 rpm, which along with reducing fuel consumption, decreases noise and vibration, the company said. The option was introduced at the recent GIE-Expo in Louisville.

Laboratory tests indicated that the Low RPM engines consumed as much as 10% less than competitive engines, Briggs & Stratton said. While the engine speed is reduced, mower blade speeds remain the same through use of altered belt pulley ratios.

Reducing engine speed also creates a “reserve torque” to tap into when the machine is handling heavier workloads, Briggs & Stratton said, noting that power remains in reserve for situations that require full-power application.

The new engine option is being used by Ferris in two 30 hp zero-turn commercial mowers, Briggs & Stratton said.