Puradyn Receives CSS Approval

Posted on October 25, 2007

Puradyn Filter Technologies Incorporated announced that its puraDYN oil filtration system has been approved by the Cascades Sierra Solutions Technical Advisory Team (CSS) as a recommended product for inclusion in its outreach centers. CSS is a non-profit agency comprised of public and private partners working with the trucking industry’s existing diesel engine ‘legacy fleet’ (prior to 2007) to provide emissions and fuel-reduction technologies and incentive-based programs. These programs are intended to help truck fleets save fuel and money, reduce air pollution and cut carbon dioxide emissions.

Currently, CSS said, there are 500,000 long-haul trucks within the legacy fleet and less than 1% have been upgraded with solutions offered by CSS. This represents a big opportunity for Puradyn as the company’s oil filtration system is designed to achieve lube oil savings through extended oil drains which produce cleaner running engines, thereby saving fuel.

CSS is currently in the process of developing outreach centers strategically located with major truck stops along the I-5 corridor in the states of California, Oregon and Washington where it estimates 100,000 of the legacy fleet operates. These centers will provide a one-stop area where long-haul truckers can learn about new technologies, have the technologies installed and obtain information about available financial incentives.

The puraDYN bypass oil filtration system is engineered to continuously clean lubricating oil and maintains oil viscosity to safely and significantly extend oil change intervals and engine life. According to Puradyn, the system is capable of reducing the engine lubrication consumption by up to 89%, as was proven in a three-year test with the Department of Energy.