Komatsu To Develop Diesel Particulate Filters

Posted on October 26, 2007

Japan’s Nikkei reported Komatsu Ltd. will develop diesel particulate filters (DPFs) for use in the equipment it makes, with production to start production in 2010, company sources said.

Komatsu said it considers DPF devices, “to be the linchpin of its efforts to meet the new emissions standards,” the Japanese newspaper said. Komtasu reportedly will purchase ceramic parts and catalysts for DPFs from outside sources and develop control technology enabling efficient use of the catalysts. Komatsu will also utilize the control technology of U.S. engine maker Cummins Inc., its partner in the engine business.

The filters are expected to be produced at Komatsu's Oyama plant in Tochigi Prefecture. The company plans to install DPFs in all construction machinery using its proprietary engines, such as hydraulic shovels and bulldozers. The project is expected to cost Komatsu several hundred million yen, with annual DPF output likely to total hundreds of thousands of units.