Vehicle Control Timers

Posted on November 14, 2012

InPower has expanded its line of Vehicle Control Module (VCM) timers. The timers are designed to be used in electrical systems in applications such as heavy-duty trucks and work trucks, where they can be part of an electronic circuit that operates a mechanical relay or 100% solid-state system. The devices can simplify circuitry and speed up installation due to using less wire and offer more microprocessor logic than conventional relay logic, the company said.

The VCM timers utilize industry-standard automotive relay 0.25 in. push-on terminal configurations. Dual timer inputs allow operation from either a ground or positive voltage circuit. The timer output is a solid-state driver rated 12V and contains an automatic overcurrent fault shut down feature, the company said. Timing functions provided include on-delay, off-delay and one-shot.

On-delay timers can be used to allow time between engine cranking or starting and the application of loads. Off-delay can be used to allow certain functions (such as lights) to be continued for a set period after the engine is shut down. One-shot timers can be used to allow multiple location of controls of lights from various remote locations, using a single wire. Models are available in fixed or adjustable time settings and custom timer function can also be provided, the company said.

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