Brushless Alternator

Posted on November 15, 2012

Mitsubishi Electric has introduced a new brushless alternator for heavy-duty truck applications. The new Diamond Power A160 alternator is designed to help deliver fuel savings, increased uptime and improved battery life, the company said. It incorporates a range of features designed to improve performance and reliability, including oversized bearings, hardened electronics with an integrated regulator, rectifier and diode trio for enhanced vibration resistance and improved cooling through more advanced airflow geometry.

The A160 alternator offers increased charge rates (over 100 amps) at idle and does not reduce charging output at a pre-set temperature, the company said, eliminating the need for a regulator cut-off. It also includes remote sense technology, through which the battery state of charge is monitored at the battery rather than the alternator. Non-remote-sense vehicles can also use the A160 without modification the company said.

The A160 alternator is designed to fit all engines that include PAD mounting locations, regardless of wire configuration. It will be available for aftermarket applications in November 2012 through regular dealer and aftermarket distribution channels in the U.S., Canada and Mexico and available for original equipment in mid-2013, Mitsubishi Electric said.

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