Control Modules For Lower Horsepower Engines

Posted on November 14, 2008

Translating analog signals into digital SAE J1939 CANbus data has become increasingly important when dealing with mechanical engines. To meet that need, FW Murphy has introduced three new SAE J1939 I/O modules for lower-horsepower engines.

Murphy’s new SenderCAN input/output module steps in where engine ECU input/output is scarce. The SenderCAN module integrates analog and digital measurement, control and indicating devices into modern ECU-based engines and systems. The module has up to four inputs and two outputs which can be configured to meet OEM or application-specific needs.

Murphy’s new FuelCAN fuel level sender translates an analog fuel level sender signal into digital SAE J1939 CANbus data, providing valuable fuel tank data that most ECUs don’t provide. The FuelCAN sender allows integration of standard senders into modern J1939 displays, such as Murphy’s PowerView 101.

The MeCAN interface module translates resistive sender, fault switches and magnetic pickup engine speed signals into SAE J1939 CANbus data. The module also provides SAE J1939 data for battery voltage and engine hours, and includes additional inputs for oil pressure and coolant temperature sensing data from fault switches or resistive senders. The MeCAN module can be coupled with other Murphy CAN products, such as CANstart, PV10 and PV101, to display engine data on mechanical systems.