Carling Focuses On Integrated Vehicle Technologies

Posted on November 26, 2008

Carling Technologies has enhanced its Integrated Solutions portfolio which offers a full range power, control, monitoring and sensing technologies designed to provide total vehicle control. The fully integratable products are targeted toward a variety of vehicular applications including medium- and heavy-duty truck, bus, agriculture, construction and specialty vehicles.

Offering both standard and custom solutions, Carling provides everything from the electromechanical switches to multiplexed power management modules and multifunction touchscreen displays engineered to the electrical and electronic needs of a vehicle or piece of equipment.

As part of the multiplex system, Carling produces mechanical, electronic and software developments required for total vehicle automation. During the multiplexing process, simultaneous multiple parallel digital signals are sent and recovered separately at the receiving end via CANbus in J1939, ISO Bus 11783 and LIN bus protocols.

By using multiplexing, the overall weight of a vehicle is reduce through less wiring and by eliminating components such as fuse boxes, circuit breakers, relays, flashers and timers. Load management is provided with monitoring for individual load voltage, current monitoring and reporting. The system also provides simplified diagnostics and increased reliability, said Carling, in addition to open and shorted load protection, indication and warning.

The full Carling Integrated Solutions lineup features products such as electromechanical switches, electronic controls, addressable switches and operator modules, graphical and multifunction touch screen displays, gateways, multiplexed power management modules and navigation instruments in a variety of configurations.