New Officers For Buhler Industries

Posted on November 7, 2007

Buhler Industries Inc. has announced the election of new corporate officers from Combine Factory Rostselmash Ltd. The election follows Rostselmash’s acquisition of 80% of the common shares of Buhler Industries Inc.

The newly elected officers from Combine Factory Rostselmash Ltd are Dmitry Udras, chairman; Yury Ryazanov, CEO and secretary treasurer; and Dmitry Lyubimov as president and chief financial officer. John Buhler has resigned as CEO and chairman and Ossama AbouZeid has resigned as president, chief financial officer and secretary treasurer.

The company plans to continue to produce and sell all the products built by Buhler Industries Inc, marketed under the Buhler, Buhler Allied, Buhler Farm King, Buhler Inland and Buhler Versatile brand names. The dealer/distribution network will remain largely unchanged and the Rostselmash network of more than 200 dealers in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan will now carry Buhler Versatile tractors.