Deutz Unveils “Natural Fuel” Engines For Europe

Posted on November 16, 2007

At the recent Agritechnica agricultural show in Europe, Deutz AG introduce the Deutz Natural Fuel Engines. Based on the company’s Series TCD 2012 and TCD 2013 engines, Deutz AG said the engines can operate with 100 percent bio-diesel, RME (rape methyl ester) according to DIN EN 14214, and rape oil according to DIN V 51605.

Deutz AG explained that these engines running on bio-diesel comply with the exhaust emission limits of EU Stage 3, and Deutz’ full warranty commitments are applied.

The Deutz Natural Fuel Engines feature the DCR common rail technology designed by the German manufacturer. These engines have also been equipped with Deutz-patented fuel management system, which consists of a fuel control fully integrated into the engine control system, and a dual-tank system with automatic switchover from diesel fuel to rape oil and vice versa. The system includes a fuel pre-heater for the rape oil circuit, to ensure reliability at low temperatures. Deutz said a full diagnosis capability is able to identify critical operating conditions before they occur, to prevent for example the clogging of fuel filters.