AGCO’s SisuDiesel Engines Approve Biodiesel

Posted on November 29, 2006

AGCO Corp. has approved a broad range of biodiesel mixtures for its SisuDiesel engines. SisuDiesel has approved the use of biodiesel at rates up to 100%, depending upon the model, without engine modification or any change in warranty coverage for the specified warranty period. Based in Finland, SisuDiesel is an AGCO-owned company that supplies diesel engines for a variety of AGCO brand products, as well as other OEM manufacturers.

As the only approved alternative fuel for SisuDiesel engines, biodiesel must adhere to the European norm EN 14214 or U.S. norm ASTM D6751," explained Matti Ruotsala, vice president and managing director, Valtra. "Typically, this type of fuel includes rapeseed methyl ester (RME) or any of the other fatty acid methyl ester formulations, collectively known as FAME."

Ruotsala said all new Tier 3 compliant SisuDiesel engines with common rail fuel injection systems may not be used with more than B20. In other parts of the world outside the U.S. and Canada Tier 0 Valmet and Sisu diesel engines, and Tier 1 and Tier 2 Sisu engines can use biodiesel up to B100. However, when any blend greater than B5 is used, the crankcase oil drain, oil filter change and fuel filter element change intervals should be reduced by 50%. Up to 5 percent dilution of biodiesel can be used with normal service intervals.