DDC Bus Engine Emissions Recall

Posted on November 17, 2005

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said that to ensure that its bus engines meet emissions standards and operate properly, Detroit Diesel Corp. (DDC) has agreed to begin recalling approximately 1250 urban transit buses for emission related repairs. EPA said the engines have experienced several problems, including particulate filter plugging and turbocharger defects. Approximately 841 of DDC's series 50 urban bus engines will receive new turbochargers, and

993 engines will have the original diesel particulate filters replaced with improved particulate filters, according to EPA News. Some engines will receive both a new turbocharger and an improved particulate filter.

EPA said it discovered the bus engine problem and its scope through transit bus fleet manager complaints, emission related defect reports, and through discussions with DDC. After DDC performed a series of tests on the improved particulate filters and filed completed emission related defect reports, EPA agreed to DDC's recall campaign. For additional information and recall specifics, visit EPA's Web site at: