Volvo's New 13.L Marine Engine

Posted on May 26, 2011

Volvo Penta has launched a new 13 L diesel engine for medium- and heavy-duty commercial marine applications. The D13 MH diesel is available in five models with outputs from 400 to 600 hp. The engine is derived from Volvo’s automotive diesel, while providing higher torque and power at lower speeds than its D12 base engine.

All five D13 MH models comply with the IMO Tier 3 emissions regulations, Volvo Penta said. The engine is turbocharged and develops maximum torque at 800 to 900 rpm, which the company said is optimal during maneuvering, when towing at low speed, using the power take-off or when performing a crash stop.

The D13 MH has a mid-position, twin-entry turbo with wastegate. This turbo offers pulse charging with higher charge air pressure provided directly from lower rpm. To fully utilize the turbo, it is combined with Miller inlet valve timing. Here, the inlet valve closes earlier, reducing engine temperature and mechanical stress, allowing for higher boost pressure, Volvo Penta said. For cooling, the marine engine is equipped with a plate heat exchanger.

Engine control is provided by the EMS 2 engine control system developed by Volvo. This regulates fuel injection and monitors engine conditions. The system controls the unit injectors, one per cylinder, operating at pressures up to 29,008 psi and atomizing the fuel for optimum combustion. The system is engineered to provide more efficient combustion of approximately 4% reduction for the D13 MH than the previous model, Volvo Penta said. Noise levels have also been reduced.

The D13 MH has the same basic architecture as the engine platform for Volvo D9, D11, and D16 inline six-cylinder diesels. The platform features a rigid block design, wet liners, rear-end transmission, ladder frame and a single cylinder head with overhead camshaft operating four-valves-per-cylinder and the injectors. D13 MH is manufactured by the Volvo Group.

Bore and stroke on the D13MH is 131 mm x 158 mm. Dry weight is 3197 lb.

Volvo Penta has also launched the D13 MG marine gen-set engine. It is a Tier 3 compliant, 13 L six-cylinder, four-stroke turbocharged diesel. The D13 MG is designed for use in marine gen-sets. The D13 MG, when used in a gen-set package, has outputs from 248 to 380 kW, the company said.