Power Generation Engine

Posted on May 13, 2011

Topping off its GE Series, Volvo Penta has launched a 16 L TWD1663GE diesel engine for power generation applications. The new TWD1663GE is rated at 919 shaft hp (685 kWm) and is equipped with selective catalytic reduction (SCR). Volvo said the engine is EPA and CARB Tier 4 interim compliant.

The new TWD1663GE is based on Volvo’s TWD1643GE engine, incorporating two-stage turbo charging. The inline four stroke engine has six cylinders and a bore and stroke of 144 mm by 165 mm. Dry weight is 3748 lb. and a compression ratio of 16.5:1.

The TWD1663GE has been developed to be a prime and standby power product in the 550 to 625 kWe ranges. Volvo said, this KW range is optimal for generator manufacturers choosing to link multiple generator sets together to offer 1.25, 1.875, and 2.5 MW power outputs. The TWD1663GE is only available for 1800 rpm for 60 Hz operation.

According to Volvo, the engine requires no downtime for regeneration and has decreased service intervals compared with the current Volvo engine program. The engine also does not increase the amount of cooling capacity needed, resulting in a system that is easy to install also in limited space, Volvo said.

The engine has been primarily been developed for power generation applications for OEMs on the North American market.