Johnson Matthey Promotions Within SEC

Posted on May 17, 2011

Johnson Matthey has made a series of personnel promotions at its Stationary Emissions Control (SEC) North America organization. SEC North America designs, supplies and engineers catalysts and catalytic systems to control emissions from stationary gas and diesel engines.

Jeff Sherman has been named business director of SEC North America. He started working for Johnson Matthey in 2010, and served as vice president and general manager for Ransome Engine for 20 years.

Steve Clark was promoted as the organization’s sales manager. He joined the company in 2005 as a sales manager for SEC with responsibility for all catalysts sales.

Mike Baran was appointed as product manager for SCR systems. He previously worked with Johnson Matthey SEC group as a senior sales manager, selling emissions control products to the engine, industrial and gas turbine markets as well as gas turbines, boilers, coal power plants, locomotives and marine vessels.

Alec Miller, named commercial manager for gas turbines and boilers, will be responsible for directing sales of SCR, CO catalyst and ammonia delivery systems. He joined the company in 2009, having previously worked for Catalytic Solutions Inc. as its business development director.

Sherman, Clark and Baran are based in Malvern, Penn., while Miller is located in Aliso Viego, Calif.