Dual-Sided Compressor Wheel Turbo

Posted on May 4, 2011

Honeywell Turbo Technologies’ VNT DualBoost turbocharger has been integrated into the new 6.7 L V8 Ford Power Stroke diesel engine. The turbocharger has a dual-sided compressor wheel that delivers twin turbo performance in a single package.

According to Honeywell, the VNT DualBoost turbo covers a wide operating range while fitting between the banks of the V engine.

The Ford Power Stroke program required improve engine performance, greater fuel economy, minimized noise vibration harshness and reduced NOx and PM emissions. To meet this, Ford reversed the conventional intake and exhaust flow through the cylinder heads with the exhaust gas exiting inboard directly to the turbo.

For the Ford’s engine design, Honeywell pursued the dual-sided compressor wheel to get the performance needed in a smaller package. Honeywell said the configuration drives exhaust gas recirculation at low engine speeds, allowing enhanced throttle response and fuel efficiency.

The VNT DualBoost turbo is combined with a Honeywell designed ball bearing system that reduces mechanical loss and improves responsiveness and fuel economy, a wastegate-on-VNT bypass valve to allow a high power point and a pedestal mounting that reduces noise, vibration and harshness, the company said.

The VNT DualBoost is equipped in the Ford Power Stroke engine for medium-duty trucks. Honeywell said the turbo has been design for applications beyond this segment and can be applied to any gas or diesel engine with requirements approaching dual turbo performance.

Watch The VNT DualBoost Video http://www.honeywellbooster.com/turbocast/vnt-dualboost-turbo/