Bolt-On Marine Diesel Bracket

Posted on May 11, 2011

Armstrong Nautical Products and Yanmar America Corp. have introduced the AYM (Armstrong Yanmar Marine) bolt-on diesel bracket. The bracket can be installed in place of a normal outboard bracket, replace an existing sterndrive or straight shaft inboard, or be specified for a factory-built boat. It's available with a variety of Yanmar diesel sterndrive propulsion packages from 180 hp to 370 hp, in single or twin configurations.

The Armstrong bracket is designed to provide strength and buoyancy when coupled with Yanmar marine diesel engine packages. The first boat to get this package is a Parker 2530 extended cabin, powered with a 260 hp Yanmar 6BY2-260. It's coupled to a Yanmar ZT350 hydraulic clutch sterndrive.

The AYM bracket is designed to add buoyancy aft while lowering the engine's center of gravity, adding to a vessel's stability. The extension of the bracket also results in additional unobstructed deck space, something owners don't get with outboard installations. Also, engine noise is moved completely aft.