Cummins Reports Progress Toward Tier 4

Posted on May 14, 2007

As part of a recent technology update, Cummins said it was making significant progress towards meeting the 2011 EPA Tier 4 and EU Stage 3B emission regulations. The company said that development work has moved from test cell research to equipment level systems integration following extensive combustion simulation and prototype work that began as early as 2005.

“Utilizing analysis led design tools together with up to 100,000 test cell hours and 50,000 field test operating hours anticipated by program launch, we are confident in our ability to provide the best value integrated system to the off-road markets” said Ric Kleine, vice president of Cummins Off-Highway Business. “Cummins has invested significantly in a broad technology portfolio which extends from air-intake systems to exhaust aftertreatment, including high-pressure common rail fuel systems, controls and advanced turbocharging. This means we can fully integrate all the key sub-systems more effectively.”

Kleine said that the 2011 standards would require the use of aftertreatment and “we are evaluating alternatives to minimize the impact on installation complexity for the equipment manufacturers. Because of our investment in all the critical technologies, we are able to leverage our vast experience in other markets where exhaust aftertreatment systems are already in production.”

He cited Cummins’ diesel particulate filter and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems as established technologies capable of meeting 2011 off-road emission levels for engines above 100 hp and added that installation and operational aspects of these systems are currently being evaluated for off-road applications. Kleine said that Cummins would be in a position to identify which of the aftertreatment systems offer the best value and performance proposition for construction equipment customers by 2008.