Isuzu Takes To The Water

Posted on May 17, 2006

Isuzu Motors America, Inc., PowerTrain Division (ISZAPT) announced that it will enter the commercial marine engine market, effective January 2007. The Plymouth, Mich., headquartered company said that by that date, it will have assigned 11 new Isuzu Commercial Marine Engine distributors within North America to focus on work boat, fishing and trapping, tug and specialty vessel segments. Those markets, ISZAPT said, are primarily comprised of marine vessels whose role and principle operation dictates a return to their home port following each assignment. Key geographic markets are the Pacific Northwest, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Atlantic Northeast.

In May 2006 Isuzu gained EPA Tier 1 certification for the UM6WG1 marine diesel engine. It will be offered with three performance ratings from full power - continuous duty, to full power – intermittent duty, to intermittent duty. Following the UM6WG1 will be the UM6HE1 engine in the same fashion. Each model will be available as heat exchanger cooled (HEC) or keel cooled (KC) models. Subsequent models are the UM6SD1, UM6BG1, and later high power and high performance models.

The UM6WG1 marine diesel is available in three ratings: 505 hp at 1800 rpm, 600 hp at 2000 rpm and 650 hp at 2100 rpm. In time the ISZAPT network may expand to include a vast number of service dealers and a greater offering of product, the company said.