Goodbye to The Blue Cummins C

Posted on May 9, 2006

At its annual meeting today in its hometown of Columbus, Ind., Cummins Inc. announced a global branding strategy that will include a new color scheme, renaming all of its non-engine companies, and changing the large blue Cummins “C” logo to white or black and red.

"By creating clarity and consistency with the Cummins brand worldwide, our external audiences will better recognize who we are and what sets Cummins - and our customer experience apart from every other brand," said Tim Solso, Cummins chairman and chief executive officer. “Cummins is launching a stronger, more unified branding strategy that reflects a stronger, more diversified Cummins."

The New Cummins branding strategy unites all businesses and products under the Cummins brand name and leverages the power of the colors of red and black to give the traditional Cummins logo a “bolder look and feel,” the company said.

Effective immediately, new Cummins business descriptors will be standardized under the new branding strategy, as follows: Cummins Emission Solutions; Cummins Filtration (formerly Fleetguard); Cummins Fuel Systems; Cummins Generator Technologies (formerly Newage); Cummins Power Generation; and Cummins Turbo Technologies (formerly Holset).

Some of the former company names such as Fleetguard and Holset will be retained as product names. For example, Holset turbochargers will be sold to other engine manufacturers while Cummins engines will now use Cummins Turbo Technologies units.

Tom Kieffer, executive director, customer support excellence, said a complete list of what brands will be retained has not yet been finalized. However, in power generation, the Onan name and the Onan green color will give way to Cummins Power Generation and primarily red and black or white, red and black livery.

Kieffer said outside OEM customers who have specified engines with a specific paint scheme from Cummins will continue to receive those engines in the previous colors. Some markets will not adopt the red and black color scheme such as marine, which will continue to have engines painted white.

A more complete look at this Cummins branding initiative will appear in a future issue of Diesel Progress and Diesel Progress International.