Diesel Builders In Gasoline Engine Project

Posted on May 17, 2005
Several global diesel engine manufacturers are part of a development consortium sponsoring a research project on high efficiency dilute gasoline engine (HEDGE) technology announced by Southwest Research Institute. Cummins, Deere, Hino Motors, Peugeot Citroen and Volvo Powertrain - Renault France are among the engine companies involved in the project, along with Corning Inc.

The HEDGE system, in development for two years, is said to offer efficiencies equal to diesels at the Bin 5 emissions level. The technology is based on a very high EGR rate, high turbo boost, port fuel injection and stoichiometric air/fuel ratios, controlled charge motion, variable valve technology and a unique ignition system.

HEDGE technology has attracted initial interest for use in larger passenger vehicles and pickup trucks as well as a broad spectrum of other vehicle sizes and applications up to 1 L/cyl, although it is believed that larger displacement engines can eventually also use the technology.