New Sealed Vehicle Rocker Switch From Eaton

Posted on March 1, 2007

Eaton Corp. has introduced a new above-panel Sealed Vehicle Rocker (SVR) switch that targets a wide range of on- and off-road applications. The above-panel SVR is the latest addition to Eaton’s vehicle controls SVR product line, which has been in production since 2000 and has accumulated significant field history with global construction and agricultural equipment manufacturers, the company said.

The above-panel SVR switch has a specially styled “umbrella” rocker button and bezel-less frame, which is designed to deflect moisture and debris from entering under the rocker button. It incorporates an IP68 seal at the integrated connector interface, which allows it to be submerged under water. Additional contamination protection can be provided by an optional panel seal.

The switches have a rated mechanical life of up to 250,000 cycles and LED lighting is available for 12 and 24V applications. It uses an industry standard panel cut-out (36.8 mm x 21.1 mm) and accessories include panel plug, connector, gang mount panel adaptors, palm guard frame, and snap-in-lens indicators.

Eaton said all of its SVR switches are been designed to meet the rigorous requirements of the marine, heavy-duty truck, specialty, utility, agriculture and construction vehicle markets. The above-panel rocker styling also provides an opportunity for vehicle designers to revise switch panels with an updated appearance.