Cummins Gas Engine Meets EPA New Source Standards

Posted on March 6, 2007

Cummins Inc. announced that its GTA8.3SLB gas compression driver now meets the Environmental Protection Agency's proposed New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) for stationary spark-ignited engines. The new GTA8.3SLB meets the NSPS standard more than six months ahead of the target promulgation date of Jan. 1, 2008 for engines in 25 to 500 hp power bands.

The Cummins GTA8.3SLB is rated 175 hp and features a simple lean burn configuration that meets the 2 gram NOx, 4.0 gram CO and 1.0 gram NMHC EPA standards and also meets the Four Corners Bureau of Land Management 2 gram NOx requirements. The 8.3 L inline six-cylinder engine also delivers 511 lb. ft. of torque at 1800 rpm and was designed for wellhead and related gas compression applications, the company said.

The GTA8.3SLB engine utilizes many of the same extremely durable internal components such as the block, crankshaft, camshaft and connecting rods used in Cummins C Series diesel engines. Reliability of the GTA8.3SLB, Cummins said, is further enhanced through the use of Cummins