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Sagel To Lead KSPG Hardparts Operations

Posted on June 26, 2014

Effective July 1, 2014, Dr. Alexander Sagel has been appointed head of KSPG's Hardparts division which encompasses the Small-Bore Pistons, Large-Bore Pistons, Bearings and Castings business units. The division subsumes the global operations of the company within the Rheinmetall Group in the markets for small- and large-bore pistons as well as plain bearings, continuous castings, engine blocks, cylinder heads and structural components. The companies belonging to KSPG's Hardparts division will in future be marketing their products throughout the business units under the core brand of KS Kolbenschmidt, KSPG said.

After taking his doctorate in materials science and working in various positions at Daimler AG, Sagel joined the KSPG Group in July 2005 as director Business Development and Innovation Services at KS Kolbenschmidt. From 2010 he was in charge of global marketing at KS Kolbenschmidt and KS Aluminium-Technologie until in April 2012, when he assumed overall responsibility for the Group's Small-Bore Pistons operations.