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New Filter Elements

Posted on June 26, 2014

Swift Filters, Inc. has developed a new range of filter elements that target industrial applications such as central engine lubrication systems in power generation or compressor applications. The

SwiftProcess filter elements employ a high-efficiency microfiber glass media engineered to provide a lower pressure drop and higher dirt loading capacity than traditional string-wound or resin process filter elements. The new elements also incorporate an integral spring which replaces spring-and-cup designs, eliminating the problems associated with cups falling into the filter housing.

SwiftProcess elements are available in standard industrial formats of 2.5 in. o.d. x 1.0 in. i.d., with lengths from 9.65 to 39.90 in. They are compatible with petroleum-based fluids, water glycols, polyol esters and phosphate esters (EHC fluids). Filtration rating is Bx = 200 (per ISO 4572) and Bx (c) = 1000 (per ISO 16889), the company said.