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Hydraulic Hoses And Couplings

Posted on June 30, 2014

Kurt Hydraulics has developed a new range of thermoplastic hose and R7 couplings designed for a range of mobile equipment applications. The SAE R100 R7 hose is a nylon hose available with working pressures from 1000 and 3000 psi targeted toward medium pressure hydraulic systems such as those in lift equipment. It incorporates a thermoplastic nylon inner tube, synthetic textile braiding as reinforcement and a urethane cover. The R7 hose is available in eight sizes between 1/8th in.  i.d. and 1.0 in. i.d. and can also be specified in twin line configurations.

SAE R100 R18 and SAE R100 R8 thermoplastic nylon hoses are designed for high pressure hydraulic systems in construction, agricultural and off-highway vehicle applications. They include a thermoplastic nylon inner tube, proprietary internal reinforcements and a black urethane cover. The R18 hose hydraulic hose is rated at 3000 psi working pressure, while the R8 is rated between 3500 and 5000 psi working pressure. The R18 hose is available in four sizes from 1/4th in. to ½ in. i.d., while the R8 hose can be specified in four sizes from 3/16 in. to ½ in.

The R7, R18 and R8 hoses are available in nonconductive versions for use in applications that require electrical component isolation such as power and telephone mobile equipment (bucket trucks), lubrication lines, machine tools, blowout preventer control lines, hydraulic lifts, agricultural equipment, and construction machinery.

Kurt Hydraulics also offers a broad range of steel couplings and fittings for its thermoplastic hoses, including crimped and swaged varieties.