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Engineered Hydraulic Controls

Posted on June 17, 2013

HydraForce has developed a new range of engineered hydraulic circuits designed to take the guesswork out of specifying the most common hydraulic control scheme. The new INTEGR8 circuit configurations provide optimal flow and directional control valve combinations to save engineering time when specifying the most common hydraulic control schemes in machinery such as wheel loaders, telehandlers, excavators, material handling equipment, ag & forestry equipment and other off-highway mobile machinery, HydraForce said.

The new engineered solutions package provides more than 40 directional and flow control options that are easily integrated into a hydraulic circuit using i-Design 4.0 custom manifold design software.  Each option consists of optimally paired hydraulic cartridge valves packaged in a common hydraulic control scheme.  The valves are compatibly sized and configured to handle several ranges of hydraulic flow rates and operating pressures.

Flow control options include direct-acting, normally closed and normally open control schemes in flow ranges from 3 to 6 gpm (10 to 22 lpm); 10 to 18 gpm (37 to 70 lpm) and 14 to 28 gpm (55 to 106 lpm).

Directional control options include a choice of direct-acting or pilot-operated controls. Direct-acting options are available in flow ranges from 3 to 6 gpm (11 to 21 lpm). Pilot-operated options are offered from 8 to 22 gpm (32 to 83 lpm).