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DEER Conference To 2014; Date Change For China Technology Forum

Posted on June 4, 2013

The 2013 Directions in Engine-Efficiency and Emissions Research (DEER) Conference has been cancelled due what organizers call "unforeseen events."  Under the aegis of the U.S. Dept. of Energy, the next DEER Conference is now scheduled for Fall 2014.

 In China, the 2013 China Construction Machinery Technology Development Forum (CTO Summit)  has been rescheduled to June 22nd (from June 20th).  The CTO Summit is being held in parallel with the 2nd China International Parts & Components Exhibition for Construction Equipment (PCECE 2013) in Changsha, China, 

The China Construction Machinery Society will hold 2013 China Construction Machinery Technology Development Forum (CTO Summit)will focus on “green, environmental protection and sustainable development” as the theme for the scientific and technical workers in construction machinery industry, as a platform them to exchange ideas, strategies, problems, solution, technology and management involved in the science and technology innovation.

The forum is co-organized by China Construction Machinery Association Excavating Machinery Branch and Hydraulic Technology Branch.  Subjects listed by the organizers will include:

Engines: pollution controls, efficiency and energy saving

Hybrid Power: latest progress of hybrid power research

Hydraulic: latest progress of hydraulic technique and control technique

Transmission: latest progress of transmission technology

Control Technology: control technology, energy saving and environmental


Material Technology: new material promotes the development of construction machinery industry

Design Technique: road map of china machinery industry innovation

Manufacturing Technology: (1) advanced technology guarantees the product quality (2) 3D print technique and revolution of construction machinery manufacturing

Information Technique: informationization promotes the competitiveness of construction machinery enterprises

Supply Chain Management: Supply Chain Management System

Inspiration from Space Technology: China airship and satellite technique status quo and application prospect of construction machinery

Dialogue: 1、Communication and Interaction between OEM Enterprises and Component Enterprises

Dialogue 2、Communication and Interaction between China and Foreign OEM Enterprises

Dialogue 3、Communication and Interaction among Development Zones

For more information contact wangjinli@cmtm.com.cn, gongxuan@ccm-1.com

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