Compact PTO For Oilfield

Posted on June 2, 2011

Parker Chelsea has introduced a new power take-off designed to make PTO and pump installation simpler and more reliable on oil field exploration and maintenance trucks. The new Chelsea 898 series PTO is a constant mesh version of the 891 Series and is designed to be compact to provide greater clearance when used with for the 4000-4500 Series transmissions with the oil cooler option and the larger pumps typically used on such equipment.

To reduce premature wear brought about by torsional vibrations from the engine that can that affect mating PTO and pump splines, the new PTO incorporates a wet spline system that lubricates the mating PTO and pump shafts. The company said the system will increase component life 7 to 10 times longer than a dry mating connection.

The 898 has six speed ratios and seven output types to provide broad application flexibility, Parker said.