Navistar’s IC Corp. Expands Into Commercial Buses

Posted on June 8, 2006

IC Corp., a subsidiary of Navistar International Corp., has announced that it is expanding into the commercial bus market. Leading the expansion, IC said it will launch five new models for the commercial bus market.

The new bus line is comprised of integrated mid-size buses with the chassis and body built to work together, IC said. The company added the buses are targeted for use by various vocations, including hotels, rental car companies, airports, medical facilities, universities and tour companies.

IC's new commercial bus line will include: a new low-floor bus (LC series) built specifically for easy accessibility; a new medium-duty bus (HC series); a new front-engine transit bus model (FC series); a new rear-engine transit bus model (RC Series); and a new small bus model (BE series).

As would be expected with the integrated design of the new busses, all five of the new bus lines are powered by International diesel engines. The LC series buses are powered by International VT 365 diesels. The HC series use 175-215 hp International VT 365 or the DT 466 at 210-245 hp, while the FC Series uses a 225 hp DT 466.

The new buses will also include options for a GPS vehicle tracking technology called Aware Vehicle Intelligence, that will give fleet managers real-time data about the bus location, speed, fuel efficiency and maintenance needs.