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Heavy-Duty Starters

Posted on July 17, 2013

 Bosch has announced the availability of its Long Haul 12 V series of starters specially designed for diesel engines in heavy-duty commercial vehicles. The starters incorporate a shock absorbing planetary gear system that is mounted on rubber shock absorbers and located in a steel drive-end housing. This configuration, the company said, allows the planetary gear carrier to resists kick back and reduces the change for drive-end breakage.

The starters also include overcrank protection, an internal magnetic switch (IMS) for optimal voltage for starting in all weather conditions, a fixed overrunning clutch with 50% less moving mass engineered to protect internal components in case of ‘blind start’ or ‘click no crank situations, an open nose design that resists moisture, dust and dirt, preventing damage to internal electrical and mechanical components, dual composite long life brushes designed to create better surface contact, less heat and lower current draw and a double chamfered pinion gear intended to increase first time engagement and positive starts.