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Hawe Adds 130 cc Pump Model

Posted on August 5, 2013

Hawe Hydraulics has added the model V60N-130 to the top end of its V60N series of axial piston hydraulic pumps. There are now four different sizes in the pump family; 60, 90, 110 and now 130 cc, with displacement volumes to 8 cu. in/rev., working pressures of up to 5800 psi and peak pressures of up to 6500 psi.  All built with swash plates, the pumps are designed to provide the required displacement volume without over or under dimensioning the pump output.

The new 130 cc pump is expected to fulfill higher flow requirements while still meeting the PTO mounted requirement that all the V60N displacements meet.  Targeted applications include PTO mount, truck pump uses that require variable volume, load sensing, pressure compensated controls, at pressures up to 5000 psi continuous.  Forestry and agricultural equipment, cranes and lifting, municipal trucks and concrete boom trucks are seen as typical uses.

The V60N-130 pump offers a built-in performance controller, which protects against overloading the utility vehicle's transmission, and with a width of 5.0 in. it is designed to fit into small spaces.