Rotary Position Sensor

Posted on July 27, 2012

Honeywell is rounding out its Smart position sensor portfolio with a new rotary configuration that is designed to provide 360° non-contact angular position sensing. The position sensor utilizes non-contact magnetoresistive (MR) technology to determine the object’s position, which allows it to accurately sense position in dirty and harsh environments.

It incorporates a patented combination of an ASIC and an array of MR sensors to determine the position of a magnet collar attached to a rotating object to identify and control the object’s position. This technology, Honeywell said, helps OEMs reduce warranty costs because there are fewer parts to wear out or break down and also can reduce downtime because of fewer calibration requirements.

Honeywell developed the new sensor to offer the high level of accuracy needed for the specific transportation and industrial applications in which it is designed to operate, measuring values down to 0.01º. Potential transportation applications include steering angle, articulation angle, and boom arm detection. The sensor’s automotive-grade potting is designed to make it more resistant to vibration, shock and temperature extremes, improving reliability and allowing for use in a wide variety of tough applications, Honeywell said.

Repeatable output that occurs within a 0.118 in. ±0.079 in. (3 mm ±2 mm) air gap between the sensor and magnet collar is intended to expand application opportunities. The sensor also provides minimal signal error with up to 0.10 in, (2.50 mm) of radial error.