Diesel Coalescing Filters

Posted on July 19, 2011

Schroeder Industries has released the 6 gpm ICF and 35 gpm QCF diesel coalescing filters. The filters are designed to remove water from diesel fuels stored in bulk fuel tanks and for use in single-pass fuel-dispensing systems or for multi-pass reservoir clean up and continuous maintenance.

By removing water from a vehicle’s fuel system the filters are designed to help protect engine components against failures caused by water contaminated fuel and microbial growth in fuel storage systems, which can migrate through the fuel and move through to the bypass fuel filters and reach the fuel injectors, said Schroeder.

The coalescing units are rated at 99.5% at single pass efficiency and are capable of removing free water and particulate matter from petroleum based fuels such as USLD 15, biodiesel and all blends, along with synthetic diesel and all blends, Schroeder said.

The ICF coalescing filter can be mounted on larger mobile equipment and on small storage tanks and is designed for use in fuel maintenance, recirculation and kidney loop applications supporting fleet operations. Operating pressure is 100 psi and temperature range is -20° to 165°F. Weight is 19 lb.

The QCF is capable of handling flows up to 35 gpm and can be used for bulk oil filtration and power generation applications. It is also available in a skid version that incorporates a separate 3 micron particulate filter to help protect the coalescing element. It has an operating pressure of 100 psi and an operating temperature of -20o to 165oF. Weight on the unit is 155 lb.