Auxiliary Battery Switch/Separator

Posted on July 14, 2011

InPower has introduced a battery switch designed to charge a vehicle auxiliary battery and isolate it from the vehicle’s chassis battery and alternator. The 100% solid state Auxiliary Battery Switch/Electronic Battery Separator is designed to replace diode-based battery isolators and mechanical solenoid type battery separator/isolators and is available in 100, 150, 175 and 200 amp versions.

In operation, the auxiliary battery is charged from the chassis battery and alternator while the chassis battery is protected from auxiliary battery load discharge. As the ABS is bidirectional, a charging device such as a battery charger connected to the auxiliary battery, controlled through a microprocessor controller, supplies charging current to the chassis battery. The proper time to transfer power between the chassis battery and the auxiliary battery is based on a proprietary algorithm that utilizes both battery voltage and current measurements, InPower said.

The system also includes a boost start feature that is designed to allow the auxiliary battery to supply current to the chassis battery to aid engine starting. InPower said the Auxiliary Battery Switch/Electronic Battery Separator targets a wide range of vehicle applications, such as work trucks where dual batteries are frequently installed; Class 3 through Class 5 ambulance/rescue vehicles, tow trucks, recovery vehicles, small cranes, service trucks and telecom vehicles; and trucks up to Class 8 with large dual battery systems.