Industrial Pro Standard On Cummins 2007 High Horsepower Engines

Posted on July 23, 2007

Cummins Filtration announced that its Fleetguard FH234 Series Industrial Pro diesel fuel filtration system will be standard on all Cummins 2007 high horsepower engines. The Industrial Pro is designed to meet the needs of a variety of heavy-duty applications, including oil and gas, power generation, construction and mining, off-road and stationary equipment. The Industrial Pro system may also be used on other manufacturers' new and existing engines, the company said.

The Industrial Pro is an all-in-one fuel filter, fuel/water separator and fuel heater. Rated for diesel fuel flow up to 200 gph, the system is packaged within a rugged housing for durability. Several Industrial Pro units can be joined together to meet very high fuel flow requirements. Dual units can accommodate fuel flows up to 400 gph, while triple flow installations can reach as high as 600 gph.

More information on the Industrial Pro systems can be found in an upcoming issue of Diesel Progress.