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DC-DC Converter

Posted on January 17, 2014

Power Sources Unlimited of Wrentham, Mass., has released the F351 Series of a step-up, full-brick DC-DC converter designed to deliver up to 350 W from a nominal 12V (11V to 18V) input.

The converters are designed for battery back-up, transportation, industrial controls and automotive applications, the company said. The converters, which measure 4.6 in. X 2.4 in. X 0.5 in. are designed to offer single isolated outputs of 12VDC and step-up conversion to 12, 24, 28, or 48 VDC. They are designed to offer low input and output ripple currents, input transient protection, single point connection for parallel operation for true N+1 redundancy, active load sharing, external sync, hot plug capability, remote sense and shutdown, thermal protection and current limit. They are designed to operate temperatures ranging from  –20°F to 212°F.