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Woodward’s Resigned 2301D Load Sharing Speed Controller

Posted on January 31, 2013

Woodward has redesigned its popular 2301D controller, not only redesigning with readily available components, but also to enhance it with new features.

The new, drop-in replacement 2301E controller is backward compatible with existing 2301D products, including the same footprint and mounting configuration. Enhancements include: separate RS-232 and RS-422 serial ports, both with 9-pin connectors, additional status LEDs for power and RS-422 communications, fault data logging capability with 16 seconds of data collected every 10 milliseconds on the event of a shutdown, peak speed and load detection, and a low-current PWM output for driving Woodward’s L-Series, F-Series, P-Series and PISC actuators.

The 2301E’s new terminal blocks accommodate additional I/O, with a majority of the terminals located in the same position as the 2301D models. And, it carries major compliance certifications.

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