Brochure Battle

Posted on January 27, 2012

Generac Power Systems Inc. has sued Kohler Co., alleging that Kohler is misrepresenting one of Generac's products in a marketing brochure, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has reported. At issue in the suit filed in federal court in Milwaukee, are what Generac describes as false statements by Kohler about Generac's 20 kW generator.

Generac alleges that the Kohler brochure describes its generator as providing features not included on the Generac counterpart, including a commercial-grade engine and corrosion-proof enclosure. Generac argues that it does in fact offer those features.

Generac also said the brochure portrays Generac's equipment as not offering "low-speed diagnostic exercise," which is the subject of an earlier suit patent infringement suit filed by Generac against Kohler. Kohler has disputed the claims.