New Heavy-Duty Leak Detection Kit

Posted on January 14, 2009

Tracer Products has introduced the new TP-8697HD leak detection kit, making it easier for heavy-duty technicians to find air conditioning and fluid leaks. The kit is designed to find all leaks first time around to avoid costly rechecks.

Tracer’s leak detection products utilize two basic parts — a high-intensity Tracerline ultraviolet or UV/blue light lamp teamed with the appropriate Dye-Lite (fluids) or Fluoro-Lite (A/C) fluorescent tracer dye. The fluorescent dye is added to the fluid system and circulated. The system is then inspected with the lamp. Since the dye collects at leak sites, the lamp will show the precise location of each leak with a bright glow. Tracer said, the dye can remain in the system indefinitely and does not affect system components or performance.

For the TP-8697HD kit, Tracer has packaged its Optimax 3000 super-high intensity leak detection flashlight. According to Tracer, the flashlight is 15 times brighter than standard LED lamps and has the power intensity of 150 W lamps, providing an inspection range of up to 20 ft. The flashlight is powered by a rechargeable NiMH battery and has a service life of 50,000 hours, Tracer said.

Also included in the kit are Tracer’s EZ-Ject A/C dye injector with hose and couplers, two EZ-Ject universal A/C dye cartridges with co-solvent free Fluoro-Lite dye, an 8 oz bottle of Dye-Lite All-In-One concentrated oil dye, an 8 oz bottle of Dye-Lite coolant dye and fluorescence-enhancing glasses.

Each ½ oz. cartridge of Fluoro-Lite dye is designed to service up to 14 vehicles while an 8 oz. bottle of Dye-Lite All-In-One concentrated oil dye can services up to 16 vehicles. The 8 oz bottle of Dye-Lite coolant dye is intended to service up to 8 vehicles, and fluorescence-enhancing glasses.

The full TP-8697HD leak detection kit is placed within a plastic carrying case.