Perkins To Expand At Peterborough

Posted on January 31, 2007

Perkins Engines Co. Limited announced that it will invest $58 million (£30 million) in creating a global crankshaft machining center at its headquarters in Peterborough, U.K. “This is excellent news for Perkins and for Peterborough,” said Perkins President Hans Haefeli. “What a great way to begin celebrating our 75th year. This commitment and investment will ensure a stronger future for employees and continue to build on our entrepreneurial heritage as an innovative diesel engine manufacturer.”

Through the deployment of highly automated benchmark technology, the new facility will increase crankshaft manufacturing capacity by 100% and represents a step change in machining operations at Peterborough. The facility is scheduled to begin production in 2008 and is expected to manufacture more than a quarter of a million crankshafts a year when at full capacity.

“We are developing a facility that will give our customers the best delivered quality yet and will achieve a flexible world class solution that will be the industry benchmark for crankshaft technology and automation in the world,” Haefeli added.

There are also significant safety and environmental benefits to the new facility, Perkins said. For example the complete elimination of heat treatment process will decrease energy consumption. The company also said it will use higher speed processes and extended-life tooling, as well as “smart” supply chain management for reduced freight costs. “With the challenges faced by many British engineering companies over the last few years its great to be able to show our commitment to continue manufacturing in the U.K.,” Haefeli concluded.