Cummins Announces 2007 Certifications

Posted on January 4, 2007

Cummins Inc. announced that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has certified the Cummins heavy-duty and midrange truck engines for 2007. Full production of the new engines begins in January, 2007.

The 2007 certified Cummins truck engines include the Heavy-Duty ISX and ISM, as well as the MidRange ISL, ISC and ISB. Cummins said the engines are certified and compliant for 2007, using Cummins cooled EGR technology across the entire product line. To meet the more stringent 2007 emissions standards, which reduce particulate matter by 90 percent and also require a significant reduction in oxides of nitrogen (NOx) from 2004 limits, Cummins has added an integrated Cummins Particulate Filter and a crankcase ventilation system to the engines.

The line also features fully integrated electronic controls, with a single ECM that controls the engine and aftertreatment. All engines will use the patented sliding-nozzle variable geometry turbocharger from Cummins Turbo Technologies, which features an electric actuator for 2007 with faster response and improved precision in adjusting airflow to the engine.

The Cummins Particulate Filter, designed and manufactured by Cummins Emission Solutions, includes a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and a diesel particulate filter to reduce particulate matter by 90 percent. Cummins said the DOC fully optimizes the regeneration capability of the particulate filter, critical aspect for maintaining fuel economy comparable to today's engines, the Columbus, Ind. manufacturer said. The crankcase ventilation system features the Fleetguard coalescing filter, which captures and filters crankcase emissions, and returns oil directly to the sump. The coalescing filter is a simple and proven solution for crankcase emissions, with no moving parts or additional electric actuation.

Full production on all engines begins Jan. 2, 2007. Cummins said it intends to retain its entire permanent workforce at all of its North American engine manufacturing plants.