Boom Year For DaimlerChrysler Commercial Vehicles

Posted on January 24, 2006

DaimlerChrysler said it posted a record year for commercial vehicles sales in 2005, with 824,900 trucks, buses and vans sold, versus 712,200 units sold in 2004, nearly a 16 % sales increase.

The Stuttgart, Germany based manufacturer said commercial vehicles sales were up in all markets. Sales in Western Europe totaled 277,000 units vs. 274,400. In the NAFTA regions, 217,800 units were sold vs. 177,100; and sales in Latin America reached 63,200 units vs. 57,600). Sales in what DaimlerChrysler calls “the rest of the world” increased from 203,100 to 266,900 units. The Asian market in particular grew more than 31% to 165,600 units.

Specifically on the truck side, DaimlerChrysler’s Europe/Latin America (Mercedes-Benz) business unit recorded a 8% increase in sales worldwide, to approximately 148,000 vehicles In what it calls “the core market of Western Europe,” sales were up by 12% over the 2004 level.

During the same period, the NAFTA business unit sold 182,400 trucks from all Freightliner brands - a 20% increase over the previous year’s total of 152,400. DaimlerChrysler said Freightliner increased its U.S. Class 8 segment, increasing its market share in the NAFTA region to around 36%, and the second-largest manufacturer of medium-duty trucks of the U.S. Classes 6/7 segments.