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Integer: AdBlue Consumption in Europe To Triple

Posted on April 4, 2014

AdBlue consumption in Europe is set to triple to over 6 billion liters in 2025 from just over 2 billion litres in 2013, according to a Base Case forecast prepared by Integer Research as part of its new European Diesel Emissions Control & AdBlue Market Study.

The forecast aggregates consumption from the on-road heavy, medium and light-duty vehicles and passenger cars segments as well as the non-road mobile machinery sector, including agricultural, construction, forestry and mining equipment.

The first SCR-equipped trucks were delivered in Europe in 2006, and with the implementation of Euro 6 standards for medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicles in 2013, the large majority of these vehicles are SCR-equipped.

More recently, introduction of Stage 4 for non-road machinery led the majority of agricultural, construction, forestry and mining equipment to adopt SCR systems for aftertreatment control.

By September 2015, all new passenger car and light-duty vehicles will be required to meet the upcoming Euro 6 standards and most of them are likely to also be equipped with SCR.

“Truck drivers will remain the main customers of AdBlue over the next decade and we estimate that approximately 3.5 billion liters will be required by this segment in Europe in 2025. However, a further 2.8 billion liters will be consumed by passenger cars, pick-up trucks and non-road mobile machinery”, said Tim Cheyne, director of environment & emissions at Integer Research and author of the new European Diesel Emissions Control & AdBlue Market Study.

The report offers an analysis of the whole AdBlue supply chain in Europe, including production, distribution, marketing strategies of the key urea suppliers and blenders. It also offers increased granularity into 2013 volumes by region and market shares by company and by region. One of the key findings in this context is that, even though the market has undergone some consolidation over the past few years, and four main distributors now account for 60% of AdBlue sales, it is still fairly fragmented, particularly in South and Southeast Europe.

Pricing is also diverse throughout Europe. Analysis of pricing structure, freight costs and margins helps explain some of the regional AdBlue price differentials observed over the past few years.

This new study from Integer Research contains analysis of Euro VI and the heavy/medium-duty commercial vehicle market (Volume 1), Euro 6 and the passenger car and light-duty markets (Volume 2) as well as the European AdBlue Market (Volume 3). The study is available as a whole or by individual volume(s).

For more information and to see a table of contents from the study: