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Turolla’s New shhark Gear Pumps

Posted on January 10, 2014

Turolla, part of Danfoss Power Solutions, has launched two new low-noise gear pumps that represent a first for the company in that they are the first low-noise products in the Turolla range. The Turolla shhark pump line covers three models with an overall displacement range of 1.0 to 90 cc/rev, while the Turolla sshark continuum pump line consists of six pumps offering a displacement range of 4.0 to 200 cc/rev.

The new Turolla shhark gear pump features a design that delivers a 4 dB(A) noise reduction, Turolla said.  The lower noise is achieved, Turolla said with a special profile of the shhark’s tooth ensures that the low noise level and pump performance are maintained even after many hours in heavy-duty operation.

According to Turolla, the new pump is targeted for applications such as tractors, indoor lift trucks, aerial platforms, construction equipment and material handling machinery, as well as in general, applications requiring low noise and high efficiency.

The other new gear pump, called shhark continuum, is essentially a no-noise pump, as Turolla reported a 15 dB(A) noise reduction.  Turolla said shhark continuum utilizes a more complex technology, based on an unique design of the gears, that originated from a special study on teeth profile, insuring permanent tooth contact with a very smooth flowing of the fluid and no trapped volume in between tooth flanks.

See Turolla at the Danfoss Power Solutions IFPE Booth 80529