IFPE • March 4-8, 2014 • Las Vegas, Nev
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Poclain Hydraulics Launching New Pumps At IFPE

Posted on February 27, 2014

Poclain Hydraulics is launching the PM50, its first size for the new range of medium-duty pumps, at IFPE. The new range of PM hydraulic pumps provides monitoring whether mechanical, hydraulic or electrical proportional units. The PM hydraulic pumps are redesigned with emphasis on detail and efficiency, and with reduced noise levels to improve the working environment of the driver.

Poclain is also expanding its CreepDrive system, a hybrid mechanical-hydraulic transmission designed for heavy-duty vehicles (Class 8 vehicles, spreading vehicles, or large road building machines) that work at very low speed but travel at normal speed on road. CreepDrive features two independent transmissions: one hydrostatic and one mechanical. The mechanical transmission is used for traveling on the road, while its hydraulic counterpart is used for working at low speed.

Poclain also offers the C11-25 combined brake bearing system available on MS/MSE18 and MS35 engines. The C11-25 offers powerful braking torques up to 25,000 Nm in dynamic conditions and 11,000 Nm in parking. With an oil bath friction technology, the C11-25 does not require any special maintenance. The position of this brake system inside the motor bearing also makes it insensitive to external pollution, which is often a source of performance degradation on the brakes. It is ideal for sprayers or harvesters that need powerful and reliable braking properties.

Poclain extends its range of MG hydraulic motors with an integrated hydraulic pivot - the MG/MGE05. This compact and powerful motor retains all the modularity of the MS/MSE05 hydraulic motor, but its smaller footprint frees space usually occupied by a mechanical axle solution. In integrating the hydraulic pivot function to its motor, Poclain offers a quick and easy connection. In its standard version, it is possible to obtain a motor with a length of 325 mm, pivot included. Fitted with a C-Frame, the MG05 can be mounted directly on the machine frame.

Poclain designed its new PW and PWe pumps with compactness, energy efficiency and high power density to meet upcoming anti-pollution standards and constraints.

Poclain introduces a new range of electronic control units with the CT 200 and CT 300 SmartDrive calculators. With a large calculation capacity and number of inputs and outputs that allow customers to operate their machines' hydrostatic transmission, there is both functional security and operational safety capacities in line with the most demanding standards. 

See Poclain at IFPE Booth 80940