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IFPE • March 4-8, 2014 • Las Vegas, Nev
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Nine New Comatrol Valves @ IFPE

Posted on January 13, 2014

The Comatrol HSV high pressure solenoid valve portfolio continues to grow.  At IFPE, Comatrol is launching nine new HSV valves and two new manual override options for these families.

To complement the HSVP10, HSVP 12 and HSVP 16 size poppet-type for higher flow, high pressure applications, the HSVP20 poppet design will be launched at IFPE, with a rated flow of  50 gpm (190 lpm)  available as normally open, normally closed, normally open with reverse free flow and normally closed with reverse free flow.

The 10 size spool-type (HSV10) valves have also expanded and will be launched at IFPE The portfolio has grown by five more valves:  The  HSV10-23-01 and HSV10-23-02 are 2-position, 3-way valves, the HSV-24-01 is a 2-position, 4-way valve; and HSV10-34-02 and HSV10-34-05 are 3-position, 4-way valves. 

In addition to the new valves, new manual override options will be released at IFPE, which will be available on both the high pressure and standard pressure product lines. The new push-and-twist design allows the operator to push and then twist the manual override into a detented position. This allows for emergency actuation of the solenoid valve, holding the valve in the energized position without requiring electrical signal to the coil. Repeat the push then twist operation to release from the energized position. 

For 3-position, 4-way valves, a new push-and-pull option will allow for emergency mechanical actuation in both directions. The valve is spring-centered, so when the operator releases the override, the valve goes back to the center position, Comatrol said.

In addition to expanding high pressure solenoids, the HLE high pressure logic element line is continuing to expand. Comatrol designed the HLE10 models with the focus on delivering high performance in cost-effective valve designs with small space claims.  These logic elements use a 10-3S cavity, which allows for higher flow than a standard 10-3 cavity, and were designed for high pressure of 5075 psi (350 bar).

Finally, a new pilot control proportional valve family will be released at IFPE. The new valve comes in high pressure (350 bar), HPRV08-DAC, and standard pressure (210 bar), PRV08-DAC. These valves are direct-acting, normally closed valves with flows of 0.55 gpm (1.2 lpm) and 0.32 gpm (2.1 lpm), respectively. These valves are designed for piloting fan drive systems, where pressure control is the optimum solution and can be  combined with a logic element, like the HLE10-CVO, to create a high flow, high pressure proportional relief valve.

A more complete look at Comatrol’s IFPE product launches will be detailed in the February ConExpo-Con/Agg and IFPE issue of Diesel Progress North America.


See Comatrol at the Danfoss Power Solutions IFPE Booth 80529

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