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Hydraulics Training Courses From Bosch Rexroth

Posted on February 13, 2014

Bosch Rexroth is accepting registration for all courses in its training program designed for mobile and industrial hydraulics systems engineers. The Rexroth Hydraulics Technical Training program is targeted toward individuals who design new hydraulic systems, want to upgrade existing systems with new technology or maintain hydraulic systems.

The company provides on-site training for specific hydraulic installations, and customized training programs are available with test stands delivered to the participant’s location. Online Basic Hydraulics Training is also available as a self-directed course that includes an overview of functions and characteristics of hydraulic components in a hydraulic system.

Courses are held at Bosch Rexroth facilities in Bethlehem, Penn., and Houston, Tex., as well as at various locations in Canada.

In addition to on-site and self-directed training, registration is now open for courses that include:

Principles of Hydraulics is an introduction to and an overview of hydraulic technology.

Mobile Hydraulic Technology, for mobile maintenance technicians and mobile hydraulic system designers, is intended to provide an understanding of specific components and circuits used in mobile equipment.

Maintenance, Repair and Setup of Mobile Hydraulic Systems is recommended for mobile hydraulic maintenance personnel to learn methods of maintaining and troubleshooting hydraulic systems.

Fundamentals and Servicing of Proportional Valves covers the function and operation of electro-proportional hydraulic valves and their interface electronic amplifiers in the mechanical and electrical trades.

Pumps and Controls for Open and Closed Loop Systems, for advanced maintenance technicians and hydraulic system designers, is intended to develop knowledge of the most often used pumps and pump controls for open loop and closed loop hydraulic pump systems.

Proportional Control Technology provides an overview of the function and operation of electro-proportional hydraulic valves and their interface and control electronics.

Proportional Circuit Design is recommended for engineering personnel, hydraulic project engineers and advanced technicians who are responsible for the implementation, design and commissioning of proportional valve circuitry.

Piston Pumps, Motors, and Controls is intended to help advanced maintenance technicians and hydraulic system designers develop their knowledge of popular fixed and variable displacement piston pumps/motors and controls used in open loop, closed loop and semi-closed loop hydraulic systems.

For a listing of available courses and dates, download the training brochure at