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Volvo Penta Mining bauma

Posted on February 21, 2013

Its  mining application engine range and a new automatic start/stop function for industrial use will be unveiled at Bauma by Volvo Penta.  The Tier 2 engines are the TAD 941/1340/1341/1342/1343/1344VE-series ranging from 224 to 357 kW (300 to 478 hp) and the TAD1640/1641/1642VE-B-series which ranges between 411 to 522 kW (551 to 700 hp).

The Tier 4 interim engines in the new range are the TAD1360/1361/1362/1363/1364/1365VE-series going from 259 to 411 kW (347 to 551 hp) and the TAD1660/1661/1662VE-series between 411 and 522 kW (551 to 700 hp). All the Tier 4 interim engines are equipped with SCR.

Focussing on its stop/start technology, when a machine’s engine is idling, the engine is turned off after a pre-set time span – usually 5 -10 seconds. When the operator activates any of the machine’s controls, the engine re-starts.

Volvo Penta is in Hall C4 Booths 319/719.