Enhanced Air Dryer System

Posted on February 27, 2012

Meritor WABCO Vehicle Control Systems’ announced that its System Saver 1200 Plus air dryer, introduced in 2009, has been enhanced to allow integration of the wet tank into the existing platform. This allows added application flexibility and the capability for additional weight savings, the company said.

The System Saver 1200 Plus, developed specifically for North American truck braking systems, is a high-capacity, spin-on air dryer that utilizes internal air for regeneration. By incorporating the wet tank and adding a drain valve, it allows customers to have one less reservoir in the system, ultimately saving space and vehicle weight, the company said. Incorporating an integrated re-gen, wet tank and governor drain valve in a single compact unit with 1200 cc of premium desiccant, it offers improved service life and can be used in a wide range of vocational applications, Meritor WABCO said.

Options include a 100 W heater available for 12 or 24 V applications, a coalescing filter option compatible with the latest engines and EPA emission control systems and two mounting options to accommodate various vehicle configurations.