APU To Meet California Idle Rules

Posted on February 6, 2008

Cummins Inc. announced two new ComfortGuard auxiliary power units that the company said will be certified to meet the 2008 California Air Resources Board's (CARB) idle reduction regulation. The new CARB idle reduction regulation, which went into effect on Jan. 1, established more stringent standards to further reduce emissions by limiting the idling of new and in-use diesel-powered trucks. The new regulation also requires that APUs have exhaust aftertreatment.

Cummins said its ComfortGuard APUs will be available with two options to meet the more stringent, emissions criteria. One is a stand-alone particulate filter for on the ComfortGuard APU’s Kubota two-cylinder diesel engine. The other is an installation kit to route the ComfortGuard diesel exhaust into the Cummins Particulate Filter.

Cummins said it has submitted all necessary applications for product testing and verification by CARB. Once the formal approval is received, the two options of Cummins ComfortGuard units will be available for sale through authorized Cummins locations.

The company also announced that its full lineup of on-highway engines, including the ISX, ISM, ISL, ISC and ISB meet CARB’s Clean Idle standards for NOx emissions at idle. Effective immediately, Cummins customers can now specify a 50-state Clean Idle certified engine option when ordering a new vehicle. In addition, customers now also have the option, through their local Cummins distributor, to update existing 2007 engines to meet the 50-state Clean Idle Certified status.